Posted on 18 May 2016

No war game has ever been made for underwater battles like this in real time!

All 18 Characters That We Want In The Game: 18. Mermaid 19. Merman 17. Megalodon 16. Mauisaurus 15. Basilosaurus 14. Jaekelopterus rhenaniae 13. Liopleurodon 12. Dunkleosteus 11. Kronosaurus 10. Helicoprion 9. Livyatan melvillei 8. Giant Stingray 7. Shastasaurus 6. Dakosaurus 5. Thalassomedon 4. Nothosaurus 3. Tylosaurus 2. Thalattoarchon Saurophagis 1.Tanystropheus "Dangerous Seas”: simple in its rules, complex in its strategy and battles. Fight enemies in the open sea of the past and go back millions of years ago! Battle your way to world domination in the midst of the global sea waters. Fight to become the most powerful military commander in the world as you march your way to victory under water. Dangerous Seas challenges you to fight alongside friends and raid water territory in exhilarating, real-time alliance battles! Water battle strategy is just the beginning, as you conquer new seas and establish your underwater kingdom. Base building offers you a chance to destroy other kingdoms and rebuild. Create buildings, train sea monsters to a whole new level of life, and use strategy and tactics to conquer your foes, once and for all.

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Posted on 18 May 2016

Dangerous Seas Features:

App for underwater wars - Battle enemies in nail-biting real time combat to rule the underwater world! Dangerous Sea Troops - Army strategy with real time state of the art combat and base building under water in a whole new world Destroy the Seas – Enemy armies stand no chance as your soldiers and creatures sweep across the seas 2D to 3D Real-Time Strategy – Battle in gorgeous waters with action packed battles unlike anything you’ve seen before Characters - More designs and characters coming as we move along! We will have mermaids and mermans. Also, when we launch the app we will have multiple sea creatures released.


Posted on 18 May 2016

More Features Of Game:

Water World Building Games - Fight for every inch of sea land and expand your army, alliance, and territory in the sea! Sea Wars - Conquer online rivals in an open battle of the sea across the world, one enemy at a time Multiplayer - Raid enemy sea territory to claim it as your own and expand your underwater kingdom Base Building Games – Each commander, sea creature, mermaid or merman you command will help the war effort in the sea Conquer Them all in the Seas - Conquest is yours as you expand your army and kill your enemies. But be careful – enemies can attack your underwater kingdom too! Modern Sea War - Advanced sea war tactics and cutting-edge technology help you collect feedback on how to battle Underwater War Strategy - Sea warfare is about knowing your enemies. Dominate opponents by collecting intel Real Time Water Strategy - Command and conquer using real-time panoramic maps from seas all over the whole world


Posted on 20 May 2016

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Why We Need Your Support?

Dangerous Seas can't and won't happen without you, so your involvement can make it a reality. In addition to backing, you can help us by spreading the word during the campaign. We'd also love to hear your feedback in the Comments section - we'll definitely try to answer every question that you might have!

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Posted on 13 June 2016

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